Thursday, March 12, 2009


I've completed Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management and Equity Investments. I am now left with Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternative Investments.

I had also decided to purchase the Schweser Notes together with the QBank and the two volumes of exam questions. I bought the notes after I am convinced that I needed a summary of the CFA's text. The CFA's text are poorly written unfortunately.

I also have stopped working since begining of March in order to concentrate on the CFA exams. Had stop making effort to find new clients but am still currently servicing existing clients and pending cases. Anyway since the current economy is going on a tailspin with Singapore projected to have -10% GDP growth, my opportunity cost of not working is less. Revenue for the first few months of this year had been good and so that will help with my family's expenditure for the next few months.

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Matt Russell said...

this chapter is for me as well the most difficult one I've come across. I'm taking this thing in 2 months as well.