Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got my Video Disk

After a long wait, my Video Disks from Schweser is ready. I had bought the package in 31 Dec 2009 but managed to collect the Video Disks today. It was a long wait. I found that I needed to watch the video on a proper TV rather than through my computer. Felt funny watching video via computer. Anyway for today I watch the Ethics part. It is similar as L1 which is very boring. Must download it into memory. Six components of the Code: Act with integrity; Integrity above personal, use reasonable care and independent judgement, practice & encourage others towards professionalism, promote integrity, maintain & improve professional conducts.

Standard of Profesionalism: (A) Knowledge of the Law (B) Independence and Objectivity (C) Misrepresentations (D) Misconduct

Standard for Integrity of the Capital Markets: (A) Material non-public (B) Market Manipulation

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