Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is it. 9AM at Expo Hall 7

When this post goes up, I’ll be in Singapore Expo Hall 7 reading my first item set. This is a scheduled post.

It has been such a long journey for Level 2. I can tell you that it is a horrible level. I have done 1244 questions from QBank, 360 questions from Schweser Practice Exams, 120 Questions from CFAI’s Mock Exams, almost all the questions from the Schweser’s notes and did most of the End of Chapters’ questions from the CFAI text. Yet, I still do not feel well prepared. There are just too many topics to remember.

I have lost track on how much time I spent studying for this exam. Probably I spent 1000 or more hours. I am not sure whether is it worth the sacrifice. The sacrifice is just so great. My health took a beating and I became very sick and required two courses of antibiotics. Fortunately I recovered in the nick of time. My income has been a decline since I started the CFA Program. I hardly need to pay tax now since my income level has dropped so much. Is this worth it? I really do not know.

In the meantime, none of prospecting clients care. Most clients wouldn’t bother about these qualifications and all they want is FREE advice and FREE work. At this point in time, I am beginning to wonder whether how long can I last to continuing do marketing to source for new clients. I find this unsustainable on a long run. It does not help that I refuse to sell unsuitable products to clients. Perhaps being a CFA Charterholder can help me find to do something less tiring.


Shashank said...

Good luck dude!
Am sure you would do well - I am not sure how well my exams went, but surely follow your blog if I were to get lucky and be in for L3. If not, would be a repeat for me :(

An IFA said...

I hope you'll do well to.