Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I passed the 2011 CFA Level 3 examination!!

Yupiee! I passed the CFA Level 3 examination. According to the CFA website, the passing rates for 2011 were:

Level I: 39%
Level II: 43%
Level III: 51%

I just paid my dues of amount US$325. Now have to wait again for the confirmation on my CFA chartered designation which I heard the confirmation email will only be sent on 1 September 2011 while the physical certificate will be mail to me after 1 Oct 2011.

For this year, I think I did not do as well as the first two levels as my scores were not perfect. My goal is to score more than 70% in every topics. Previously, my scores for L1 and L2 were near perfect. This time in L3, it was far from perfect. Here are my scores:

As a consolation, many forumers HERE did not do as well. In that forum, most active members tend to be the better candidates and their scores are biased upwards. So I guess I am OK :)

In the meantime, here is a youtube video to celebrate:

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