Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feel tired again

For the past two days I felt I cannot breathe properly. Feel so tired and lethargic. Yesterday I went for a swim over 16 laps but I still feel so tired. My concentration power has reduced significantly. This is terrible. Don’t know why. This CFA exam is such a torture. It is like claiming up a bottom – as you go higher the less oxygen. I sometime feel that as the oxygen gets less, it is possible to just “die” without even knowing it. Not so such whether such big sacrifices is worth it or not. Just notice that my son seems to have suddenly grown taller over the few months. It shows how much energy I have spent on the text. I know many clients don’t care about all these exams. Even I have achieve it, it doesn’t mean anything great for clients. So I really wonder what I am doing is sensible or not.

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