Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zombie like / Rojak

My wife complained to me that I am becoming like a zombie husband. I don't talk anymore and whenever she talks to me, I did not response. This exam is really getting on everybody's nerve! I had being studying very hard especially before my energy level goes down again due to sitting down too much. The sacrifice that I am making for sitting for this exam is very great. Firstly, I can't play with my two kids and they being growing up needed attention. Maybe when they grow up, they'll abandon me to the old folks home for neglecting them during these three years of being a zombie thanks to this exam. Secondly, I really wonder what is the exact opportunity cost of putting so much attention to this exam. I don't mind opportunity cost in terms of $$ for which I am prepared to sacrifice. But rather, what happens if life is taken away? My life, kids' life? Wife's life? Over the past weekends, were informed that my client's wife got cancer. Then yesterday, was informed one of my relative had cancer too and seem to be an advanced stage. Both are young people. Also in the hot news now is a massive food poisoning case in which hundreds of people felt ill after eating rojak at Gelang Serai. Two persons have died while another woman had a miscarriaged. I heard of people dying of illness and accidents but die due to eating rojak? I also heard of people having miscarriage due to accidents but due to eating rojak? Life is so precious. What is the exact opportunity cost of taking so much time for this exam? I don't know.

Let's don't think so much. I hope to complete one reading today.

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Anonymous said...

get a life my fren