Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19 days left & counting

Previously I did the 60 samples questions from CFAI.

I noticed it tested on normalization of P/E with company size adjustments using BVPS. The Schweser Notes did not provide a detail example on how to do this. Had to refer to the main CFAI text. It looks to me that there are cases which the notes did not cover. I think I better look through the text thoroughly again.

Another area is the Working Capital for LOS 46.d. The question asked about the mismatching strategy but the Schweser Notes offer nothing on this area.

Still on another area is pertaining to the LOS 9.g which the latest errata from CFAI says that "construct and interpret a confidence level interval for a normally distributed random variable." has been deleted. Yet the sample question asked about the interpretation of the confidence level for normal distribution. How like this?

One frustrating thing about the sample questions is not able to view the question again after taking it. I can have all the answers and explanationatory notes but cannot review the question again. So it is almost as good as rubbish. Fortunately while I was taking the sample question test, I noted down which questions are problematic for me.

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