Saturday, May 9, 2009

30 days Countdown to CFA Level 1

There are 30 days left to the CFA Level 1 exam. I have been studying everyday. I think I'll pass but I am having problem retaining memory. Thank goodness that I don't have much work to do since we are having one of the worst economic crisis. Singapore's GDP growth is projected to be -10% this year - looks like the economy is more like an emerging market country than a developed one!

I did found that ethics to be quite easy to pass. Just need to read the readings and notes a zillion times. No math involved and that's a good thing. I did not spent much time on it yet I could get above 70% on the Qbank. It consist of 15% in weightage and that's just second to FSA which is 20%. Indeed Ethics cannot be neglected as it is almost like a give away kind of topic.

By the way, couple of days ago I got up from sleep with a shock and it occured to me that I am in my final phase of the exam prepation.

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