Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feel really depressed

After looking at the text, i reall felt lousy. So much to learn and the pain of reading these books really make me feel scare. It is really torturing going through this. I am considering whether can I lower my pain to get Video lessons as a supplement? What I intend to do is to read all the text quickly within one month. When Schweser or Stalla comes up with their materials, maybe I can start my study program formally by viewing the videos and studying the text in depth. This year when doing my Level 1, I found using the Schweser text very much useful except for Economics because the CFA text on Economics were already very well written.

I am also depressed because there hasn't been much business lately. I believe I have already accumulated so much knowledge but why aren't there many clients wanting to tap my brain? I will be so please to service them with what I really know so much. So it really makes me think whether this CFA journey is worth it? Would people appreciate all the hard work put in? Will people be willing to pay me for providing them with such service?

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kjunkie said...


I hope you are not depressed at the moment. Its 2 months since you wrote this post :-).

I am a complete newbie to Finance, since the last 9 years I have been working in the IT industry in the telecoms sector. Just doing some research and wondering whether I should enroll for CFA level I.

Thanks you very much for noting down your experiences. It seems to be very difficult and the realistic timeframes of 36 weeks is pretty high.

Any advice will be appreciated!

Thanks again.