Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time to Restart Engine

It seems it is time to restart to brain engine. Was trying to read the CFAI texts but it was really very dry. Was busy at work. I stopped work from March to June this year to study for the L1. After that exam, I was horrified that business was so poor. I think it has to do with me stopping marketing altogether for that three months. So it affected another three months of business. In total, I lost six months of business as a result of this. Only this Nov/Dec did my business pick up. But it has been tedious. Most cases are fee-based planning. So need to put up to 30 hours of work just for one case.

I read in the forum that getting the video from Schweser is good for L2. Also ensuring answering questions at the end of the each chapter in CFAI text is very important.

I'll be buying the materials soon.

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