Monday, December 22, 2008

Completed Quant today

At last I completed the Quant today. I am obviously behind time. These topics are not entirely new to me yet I spent too much time on them. I was slowed down by my lost of hard disk data. I spent a few weeks trying to get back to normality. I am going to move to FSA. I heard that this is the worst part of all the topics in the CFA Program. I hope I don't die of studying these.

I have yet to sign up for any Prep course. I have not sign up for these due to budget reason and partly because I find it hard to believe that these courses are necessary. I have been self-studying all the course i did for ChFC and the regulatory exams and so it is very hard for me to think that the lectures are necessary. Nevertheless, I do need to get my hands on those practice exam questions and mock exams and so paying for those are probably unavoidable.

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