Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My version of MiniBomb

Many people lost 100% of their structured products. This has become quite politicised but the emotional hurt is real.

I have my own version of losing 100% of my "structured product." The data from my hard disk crashed could not be retrieved. I have outsourced the risk of losing data to Maxtor's Onetouch 4 Mini. When my hard disk crashed, triggering a "credit event," the SafetyDrill could not restore my replacement hard drive to the original state. After the restoration, it seems that the MBR remains corrupted. I called the Seagate's tech support but was routed to a long-distance call to the US of which the voice quality was poor. The tech support took me to run the Maxtor's Onetouch Manager software instead but I was not able to find a feature to restore my partition images. After struggling for the entire night and the entire day today, I concluded the "credit swap counterparty" has "defaulted" - that is to say that the promise of the backup hard drive delivering its promise of data recovery did not come true. I am so depressed. I really wonder can I sue Maxtor for "breach of contract"? All my clients' personal data gone. It is going to be very hard trying to assemble back their particulars. I think I'll just call it quit for the year and go on a long break and then start the new year from a new like a new adviser.

This reminds me of how important family members are. If I cannot get over the lost of data, I don't think I can withstand the lost of love ones. I will remember to love them more and more even if I need to sacrifice the time delicated to studying the CFA.

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