Saturday, November 15, 2008

Registered for CFA Level 1

On 15 Sept 2008 I wanted to register for the Level 1 CFA Program December 2008. This was actually the last day to register. I login and unfortunately I faced some IT problems. By the time I figured out how to rectify, I missed the dateline! On 23 Sept 2008, I managed to register myself for June 2009 CFA Level 1. I received the books on 26 Sept 2008. Looking at the 6 volume books, thank goodness that I am not taking the December 2008 exam! I am not sure whether is this a good decision or not to take this exam. None of my clients demand for such high qualification. In my field of work, a ChFC or CFP is more relevant. I will get my ChFC early next year if there is no mishaps. Still, none of my clients ask for ChFC or CFP because people in Singapore have a rather careless attitudes. I am taking the CFA for personal education and partly I hope to distinguish and differential myself from the crowd.

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