Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skewness, kurtosis, leptokurtic, platykurtic and mesokurtic

Skewness, kurtosis, leptokurtic, platykurtic and mesokurtic were the statistics concepts I learned in today's reading. These are new concepts to me. Very interesting. Reminds me of good old days when I was in "A" levels and U studying. Nevertheless, am not sure how much I have committed to my brain. Also managed to almost complete studying "Probability Concepts". Looking at the text, those who had no background in statistics will definitely fail the Quant section in their CFA. I don't think reading a zillion times over the text will help. The concepts require a math teacher to teach.

Today I felt better physically. I took some painkiller and I felt more energized. Also, the computer man came to replace my hard disk. But I am now trying to restore my hard disk from backup. I was horrified this afternoon to learn that I have accidentality encrypted the data in the backup as my original hard drive was encrypted too. I did not do a security key backup however I do have the partition imaged backup. This hard disk crash is really painful. Thank goodness it was not during my peak period. Restoration is under in progress at this moment in writing. I hope it will turn out well.

Have been feeling really depress recently due to a variety of reasons. One of those reason might be because I felt burn out after working so hard this year and last year. Although I became one of the top-producer in the firm, but I don't think I can consistently do it. For one thing, the number of clients I have now has shot up to more than 100 within just less than 3 years. I don't think I can service so many clients. I've being trying to move up the "value" chain by catering to the high networth individuals. I am currently working on some plans next year which I can earn a decent living yet without accomulating so many clients. That plan will also dependent on my CFA studying progress. I need to plan my work efficiently so that whatever I do is complementary to each other.

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