Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sales talk can get rich, CFA Charter getting rich? Nay..

I read in Straits Times about an adviser who is already financially independent. While I have never heard this person speak, my colleague who attended his talk said that he is a typical salesman who compared the 5% Manulife’s SRP to that of the 5% banking preference shares! Hearing that, I did not have good impression. However, looking at the newspaper today, it appeared that he is already a millionaire. Again, I really whether why am I taking the tough and long road to getting the CFA Charter. It is academically rigorous and viewed as the “gold” standard. I know clients don’t care whether an adviser is knowledgeable or not. Clients only like to hear nice things and salestalk. Perhaps that’s why that adviser becomes so successful.

I had always like to academic of things. Since Secondary 1, I had also loved studying. I love studying the CFA but I hope I’ll not end up broke because looking at books do not generate any revenue for me!

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